Thursday, October 10, 2019
Event : Pro 450 Final Race, Quebec City
Date of Event: October 5, 2019
Appeals presented in writing with fee by: OTSFF Rockstar Yamaha, PRMX Team & Monster Energy Pillar’s Kawasaki

Appeal of: No penalty assessed for alleged cutting of the track.

The MCC Competition Council Tribunal held a conference call on Wednesday, October 9th, 2019 to rule on the appeals submitted by the three teams from the Quebec City Supercross. All three protests were submitted for the same incident and allege that Cole Thompson had cut the track in an effort to pass Phil Nicoletti.

The MCC Competition Council interviewed the race officials and enlisted the services of a professional motocross consultant. The team reviewed numerous video angles and still photos prior to making their decision. Upon careful consideration of all of the facts, the MCC Competition Council Tribunal has ruled to agree with the at event decision and not assess any further penalty against Cole Thompson.

The MCC Competition Council would like to thank all protesting parties and the MRC staff for the thoroughness of the appeal and the quality of the supporting material. The MCC Tribunal reminds everyone involved that the concern for safety and fair competition in all circumstances remain the goal
of all the national competition tours affiliated with the MCC.