Friday, August 9th, 2019 – Brigden, Ontario

TransCan Amateur Grand National – Walton Raceway, Walton Ontario – Promoted By WLTN/MRC

August 12-17, 2019

Motorsport Racing Canada (MRC) is always humbled by this time of year. The celebration of Canadian moto is about to begin. For nearly 30 years the grounds at Walton Raceway have proven to bring the very best racers towards glory and build a future for the sport.

This race stands alone as the longest-running event in Canada with endless names of Canadian greats that have cut their teeth on the path to becoming a professional racer. This race is the heartbeat of the sport. This race can deliver the dreams you have of becoming a champion on the big stage. This race won’t pave your career but it can sure jumpstart it and help you believe whether or not you have what it takes to become great. The moments made at TransCan last a lifetime.

“I’ve been going to this race since day one back in 1991. I have seen what it has done for the sport and racers career. It started small and has now become the stable of what grassroots racing should follow,” shares MRC Director Ryan Gauld. “This event is the stepping stone to find out if your racer has what it takes to ride long motos, deal with pressure, ride with passion and heart, and fight for victory. All the tools needed to become a great Pro and maybe make a career out of racing dirt bikes. Isn’t that the dream for us all?”

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