Thursday, July 25, 2019
Event : Pro 450 class, Moto 2, M/X , Sand Del Lee, Ontario
Date of Event: July 20, 2019

Appeals presented in writing with fee at venue

by: Mike Alessi, GDR Honda & Steve Simms, Team
Manager Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha for rider Phil Nicoletti Appeal of Penalties assessed as a result of conduct at the Sand Del Lee motocross national race.

The MCC Competition Council Tribunal held a conference call on Thursday, July 25th, 2019 to rule on the appeals submitted by Mike Alessi, GDR Honda & Steve Simms, Team Manager Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha for rider Phil Nicoletti.
Both appeals related to a series of incidents in the second moto of the Pro 450 race. The race officials
levied the following penalties following the event;

Phil Nicoletti
o – 5 positions riding in a manner to endanger the life of other riders, officials or the
o – 5 positions for riding against the normal direction of the track
o Disqualification & probation for a verbal attack on a participant/rider

Mike Alessi
o $250 fine for unsportsmanlike conduct
o – 5 positions for riding against the normal direction of the track

In regards to the penalties for riding against the normal direction of the track, the MCC Tribunal determined that although both riders went against the direction of the track, they were outside the race area and the infraction occurred after the checkered flag. With the above reasoning, the MCC Tribunal has eliminated the -5 position penalty for that offense for both riders.

The MCC Tribunal grouped all unsportsmanlike offenses into one main category. This included overly aggressive riding by Mike Alessi and post-race over-reactions by Phil Nicoletti. The MCC Tribunal views on track aggressive actions as strongly as post-race verbal threats. In both cases we find the actions have no place in professional motorsports and set a very bad example for young racers. In order to deter future aggressive behaviours the MCC Tribunal will assess a 5 position penalty for both riders. In addition the riders must offer the sport and their sponsors a sincere video apology for their actions. The videos must be distributed on the racers social media, the team’s social media and be made available to
the Canadian motorcycle press. The riders must commit to 2 hours of motocross community service during the Walton race week. The intent of the public service is to reach out to younger competitors and
teach them the professional way to ride and behave at races. This service could take the form of a youth education seminar, a riding clinic or a youth autograph VIP type event. Both riders will also be on probation for the remainder of the outdoor motocross season. These penalties override any additional position loss, disqualification or fines.

The MCC Competition Council would like to thank Mike Allessi and Steve Simms/Phil Nocoletti for the thoroughness of their appeals. The MCC Tribunal reminds everyone involved that the concern for safety and fair competition in all circumstances remain the goal of all the national competition tours affiliated with the MCC.