MRC Head Office – Tuesday, July-02-19

Last Saturday when the final checkered waved for the 250 Intermediate it was a sigh of relief from the Future West Moto staff but also an extreme accomplishment for Amateur racing on the West coast. The amount of work that went into the event was unmatched by attempts in the past and every racer and family won because of it. Smiles were had, champions were crowned, and most of all memories were made.

“We took this on because we believe the moto family from BC mostly, but the rest of the west coast that deserves a great event to prove the skill and passion these families and racers put in. I’m so proud of our Future West Staff on their hard work and the over 450 entries that came to support the work we put in. We are so humbled by the support and plans for 2020 have already begun to be even better. Thank you to MRC for believing in us to take on this challenge of the WCAN.” – Lesley Reid, Future West Owner.

MRC could not be happier without the race and event went for WCAN put on by Future West. Finding a passionate crew willing to take on this “experiment” if you will is not easy. Their team handled every moment and instance with true professionalism and it shows with the amount of positive feedback via racers and families social network after the event. Not everyone left happy, not everyone left with a championship, but everyone left with something to remember that will no doubt bring that back next year with a bigger fire to aim for better on and off track.” –Ryan Gauld, MRC Director

2019 WCAN Champions (No Particular Order)

50cc 4-6 – Parker Hatt 85cc 7-11 – Blake Davies Ladies – Shelby Turner
50cc 7-8 – Braxton Zeitner 85cc 12-16 – Tyson Dubuc 250 Int. – Jacob Piccolo
50cc GP – Braxton Zeitner Supermini – Blake Davies Open Int. Marcus Deausy
New Kid Beg. – Lincoln Green Schoolboy – Julien Benek Pro-AM – Shawn Maffenbeier
Young Ladies – Peyton Belisle Under 30 -Shawn Maffenbeier Plus 30 Beg/Jun – Taylor Coates
65cc 7-9 – Sawyer Schell Open Beg. – Tyler Liebrecht Plus 30 Int/Pro – Ryan Lockhart
65cc 10-11 – Drew Roberts 250 Junior – Devyn Smith Plus 40 – JC Seitz
65cc GP – Dexter Seitz Open Junior – Devyn Smith Plus 50 – Al Snow

MRC would also like to congratulate Avrie Berry on her #1 plate for the Canadian Women’s West Series as well as her team, Manluk Racing.

For full results of the event please visit here

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