Wednesday, May 29, 2019

In the month of May Motocross racing across Canada has burst out of the gate striving for the holeshot in every province. From Vancouver Island to Atlantic Canada thousands of racers are chasing the dream, having fun with friends, spending time with family, and expressing their passion for racing.

The VIMX and Future West crew have had 9 races already between them and an amazing cross-over event held at the historic Nanaimo Motocross track on Vancouver Island. Finally, a united group under one sanction has reign supreme and BC is hitting race numbers they have never seen before. Congrats to such a great start to the year for the province of BC under the guidance of VIMX and FW. As BC continues to battle each weekend at the chance of qualifying for the TransCan Grand National Championship at Walton Raceway August 12-17, names like Braxton Zeitner (50cc), Tavin Krutop (65cc), Tyson Dubuc (Supermini), Cameron Lankinen, Alex Gatt, Devyn Smith (Junior Classes), and Julien Benek, Burg Gilomee, and Zach Ufimzeff 9Intermediate) that are ones to watch so far in 2019.

In Alberta, the ADRA and AMSA have started off with a bang. The weather has been tough but the racers have come out in solid numbers to get the province fired up for every gate drop. The ADRA has had just one event this far at Cold Lake. By all accounts, it looked like a successful kick-off to the season. For the ADRA they have been able to get a couple more races under their belts. Racers like Cade McBride, Parker Hatt (50cc), Dexter Seitz, Danny Robertson (65cc), Madison Carr (ladies), Wyatt Hasil (Supermini), and Zeth Franklin lead the way in their region looking to head to the TransCan. The AMSA group hold another race this Sunday after RD1 of the Rockstar Triple Crown Series.

For the SMSA region in Saskatchewan, the racers have been treated to four rounds of gate drops. The amazing family and racers that line up n the middle of our massive country sure no how to support their region. Four events have been run and turnouts have been solid with names like Noah Proctor, Wyatt Hanes (50cc), Ethan McKee, Ryder Zackrisson (85cc), Kris Marchuk (Junior), and Brendan McKee (Int) seem to be the riders leading the way in the ANQ races heading into June.

In Ontario, the AMO club has started off well racing at Gopher Dunes and Motopark so far. The ANQ series has started off very well for some and others looking to better their results with three more opportunities in June for the SWO and Sand Del Lee hosting the only Eastern ANQ (Their first race was canceled). Top guns so far are Grady Mansfield (50cc) Cooper Wallis, Ben Kongmany (65cc), Tanner Scott, Gavin Forsbrey, Crayden Dillon, Cole Pranger, Bobby Gravel (85cc/Supermini) Wyatt Kerr (Jun), Sam Matthews, Mitch Remple, Seth Huges (Int) are the names turning heads in may and aiming higher in June.

The last group that has started racing across Canada are the great folks in the Atlantic community. Mil Hill is where the first gate dropped and from what I’ve heard and seen on the social feeds, the race was great all around. Just like everything else on the east weather has been tough to deal with but for this weekend only smiles were had. Willaim Landry, Jayce Heighton (50cc), Tucker Doiron (65cc), Kyle Lutes, Justin Burge (85cc), Nathan Alyes (junior), Hunter Vaughn (Int) are just some of the racers starting the year off in the win column. With so much racing to go and so many amazing tracks, the series started off in a great way.

In the month of may, MRC sanctioned 16 events across Canada. This weekend the Quebec region opens up to mark the opening for all provinces and regions going racing.

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