Event: Pro 450 class, Moto 3, Montreal Supercross
Date of Event: September 14, 2019
Appeals presented in writing with fee by Cole Thompson.
The appeal of Penalties assessed as a result of cutting the track at the Montreal Supercross.

The MCC Competition Council Tribunal held a conference call on Friday, September 20, 2019, to rule on the appeals submitted by Cole Thompson.

The incident in question involved a 5 position penalty levied against Cole Thompson for cutting the track in the 3rd moto of the Montreal Supercross. The incident occurred off the start going into the 1st corner. The penalty was assessed as per A.7. shown below;

In the protest, Mr. Thompson justified his protest with the following statement “I did not purposely try to cut the track and I did not gain any positions, I was just trying to be safe in the situation”

The MCC Competition Council interviewed the race officials and reviewed two different video angles. Upon careful consideration of all of the facts, the MCC Competition Council Tribunal has ruled to apply the following penalty as per A.7.

1) 5 position base penalty
2) Additional 3 position penalty based on a entering the corner in approximately 13th place and exiting the corner after the infraction in 6th place. 4 positions were not considered due to a separate incident, making the net gain from the unfair advantage 3 positions.
3) Total penalty 8 positions

The severity of the penalty was based on the fact that it was obvious that the track was short cut and there was no conscious effort by the rider to restore the unfair advantage gained.

The MCC Competition Council would like to thank Cole Thompson and the MRC staff for the thoroughness of the appeal and the quality of the supporting material. The MCC Tribunal reminds everyone involved that the concern for safety and fair competition in all circumstances remain the goal of all the national competition tours affiliated with the MCC.