Event: Pro 25O and 450 Class Moto 1 Starts, MX Tour Round Three, McNabb Valley, Minnedosa, Manitoba 

Date: June 15, 2019

The MRC Head Referee Paul Kingsley initiated a review of the starts from both 250 and 450 pros using Triple Crown footage.  

Upon completion of this review, there were infractions found where racers left the track surface and upon reentry gained advantages in race positions. Due to this, the results from the event are being revised to reflect a five-position penalty given to the following individuals: 

250 Class: 

# 19 – Dylan Wright 

# 1 –  Jess Pettis

# 223 – Parker Mashburn

# 296 – Ryder Floyd 

450 Class: 

# 44 – Yanick Boucher

The informed individuals will be allowed up to 72 hours from the time of this decision to appeal as outlined to these individuals.

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