The MRC family had another weekend full of regions running great events for our close-knit motocross family. Future west tripled the biggest numbers ever had at Quesnel which speaks volumes about the happy BC racers enjoying one club and one vision. In Ontario, the Amateur Motocross Ontario region had their opener at the historic Gopher Dunes under great weather and solid numbers for entries.

“It was a crazy weekend because of the cold temps in Quesnel. The amount of racers enjoying what we’re doing as a group at Future West is showing. When the weekend ends, we are ready and excited for the next race already. I’m very happy to be on the gates in BC right now with all our friends and families loving motocross as one big group.” – FW Director Ryan Lockhart

“Man, it was a crazy weekend for the AMO gang. As always we managed because of the strong staff who run our events. I’m satisfied on the start to the year and looking to get bigger and do more for all the racers that attend the events. Being at the track and seeing so many smiling faces is such a joy these days in Ontario. AMO says thanks to every racer that came and every family member that supported that racer.” – AMO Manager Ryan Gauld

Upcoming events

May 5th: Saskatchewan Motocross – Swift Current Dunes

May 5th – Tag Spring Series with AMO at Motopark