The Motosport Racing Club exists to enhance, communicate and promote events for the benefit of participants, spectators, organizers and industry participants alike. Whether the event is motocross, road racing, dirt track etc., MRC strives to convey an image of professionalism throughout all aspects of the event. A key necessity in achieving this level of professionalism is ensuring that all race day Officials, Referees, Flaggers and general staff have a working knowledge of MRC’s event guidelines and current rulebook. Not only does this provide the staff with the ability to properly execute an event, but it also provides the confidence to do so with the greatest level of safety as possible.

It is important that during an event all staff remember that as a figure of authority within MRC, their actions (and reactions) throughout the day can greatly affect the overall outcome of an event as well as its general perception. A positive and fair attitude will allow all staff members to create the high-quality event that competitors, promoters, and spectators have come to expect from MRC.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the MRC family – the motosports industry would be unable to continue its constant growth without the support and involvement from individuals such as yourself.